Established by Ryan Erlandsen in 2012, Marble Mountain Films is a local film production company based in Vancouver, WA.   The team brings the highest production value and inspired solutions to our projects. No matter what the challenges we’ll deliver a well orchestrated production and make sure it’s a fun journey every step of the way.

Ryan Erlandsen
Ryan has been a successful portrait and wedding photographer for 9+ years.  Cinematography was a natural progression for him as the mediums share many of the same principles. Ryan brings his professional eye to projects such as short films, biographical pieces and music videos. Ryan’s love of local history allows him to frequently discover potential shooting locations. He also loves to network and collaborate with local small businesses and organizations.    

Amanda Goff
Amanda started in the creative arts at an early age through theater and dance at a young age. She discovered along the way photography and film, which prompted her to pursue a BA in Broadcast Communications and a minor in Theater. Amanda brings to the table her passion and experience as an actor, director and photographer. She has enjoyed creating short films, promotional pieces for non-profits, as well as music videos. Amanda is has found a true home in the her community through the arts.

Kelci Lauren Fuller
Kelci Lauren is an actor, screenwriter and loves telling stories. She has a background in theater and film and ecently won a "Best Local Film" award for a short film she wrote, produced, and acted in at the Firereel Film Festival in Northern California.


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