Ryan Erlandsen

If you’re a local, there’s a very good chance Ryan has seen you smiling, raising a Champagne toast, and probably getting a little too jiggy with it on the dance floor. As a professional wedding photographer for over a decade, Ryan has had the privilege of documenting life’s big moments with memorable precision. Progressing into Cinematography.

Ryan’s work on short films, biographical pieces and music videos speaks for itself. His pieces are a showcase of clean transitions, evocative thematic elements, and a vehicle for his obsessive pursuit of story.


Kim Terresson


Amanda Goff

Be forewarned: good music brings out the mighty inner dancer of Amanda Goff. It’s internal. Eternal. And very, very awesome. We’d all like to thank Amanda’s parents for immersing her in the Creative Arts right from the get-go. With an arsenal of experience in dance, photography and film—plus an education to back it up—Amanda is our master behind the scenes. Her passion and experience as both an actor and film director means she understands exactly what a good film piece requires. Her body of work includes short films, promotional pieces, and music video. We’re proud to be part of Amanda’s creative tribe—and you will be, too.